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Buy House Plans Online [BETTER]

All house plans and images on DFD websites are protected under Federal and International Copyright Law. Reproductions of the illustrations or working drawings by any means is strictly prohibited. No part of this electronic publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form by any means without prior written permission of Direct From The Designers.

buy house plans online

Our builder-preferred, construction-ready house plans include everything you need to build your dream home. They are guaranteed to include complete and detailed dimensioned floor plans, basic electric layouts, structural information, roof plans, cross sections, cabinet layouts and elevations, and all the general specifications your builder will need to build your new home.

The House Designers is committed to offering the highest quality, code compliant house plans on the web and providing outstanding customer service to help you find the perfect home plan and be confident in your choice. See our 10 Customer Guarantees we stand by to ensure this happens. READ MORE

If you need to exchange your plans, The House Designers will exchange your first plan purchase for another house plan of equal value up to 14 days after your purchase. To exchange our home plans, simply call customer service at 866-214-2242 within 14 days of purchase for information on how to return your unused plans that have not been used, marked on, or copied. Electronic plans including PDF and CAD plans are non-exchangeable. Modified or custom house plans are also not exchangeable and all exchanges are subject to a 20% restocking fee to cover printing and shipping.

No two homes are exactly alike because no two families are exactly alike. Still, buying house plans online can feel like a simple way to design a personalized home without the fuss. Sure, someone might have the same plan, but you make a house a home, right? Before you take the plunge and buy stock house plans from a website, make sure you have all of the facts. In some cases, it might actually be cheaper and easier to have custom plans drawn. Consider the pros and cons to decide if stock plans are right for you.

Having to sit down and brainstorm over the ideas you have in your head to design your house plan is stressful. Several websites are devoted to helping people figure out what their dream house would look like.

This is one of the best African websites for house plans. They have a wide range of floor plans specifically made for homeowners in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and other African countries.

They offer small house plans that will fit in if you are planning on a low budget and luxury plans for your exquisite dream house. The website also offers to work with you if you need to make some adjustments to customize a house plan to your taste and preference.

You can buy a full house plan in popular styles like cabin style, southwestern, classical, European, farmhouse, craftsman, and many others. Some of their exclusive collections include house plans with open layouts or in-law suite.

They are well known as publishers of several magazines and have been in the home industry for over 65 years with millions of house plans sold. Floor plans bought can be customized, and the estimate is free.

The website makes it easy for you to create a simple house plan for your new house. You have thousands of plans to pick from. You can choose from farmhouse plans, craftsman house plans, modern house plans, or French country house plans. They offer special features like the courtyard, gourmet kitchen, home offices, entertainment spaces, and many more.

Similar to eplans, this website provides top-notch elegant home plans. They offer cheap plans that will help you to stick to your budget and avoid time-wasting. Home Plans partners with different designers to provide the best floor plans on the market.

Dream House Source has thousands of house plans listed on their page. Perhaps you want something low enough for your budget or something luxurious, their range of plans will take care of your needs. They also have popular styles like colonial, country, and Victorian house plans.

This is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 40 years. The website is straightforward and easy to navigate. With over 30,000 plans to choose from, you can easily select the right house plan for your dream home on Architectural Designs. Modifying the plan into what you want will only take two working days.

Here you can find over 17,000 house plans from leading designers. You get the opportunity to see inside your floor plan and take a virtual tour through the design. This is an awesome feature that makes customizing easier.

They offer floor plans with basement and storage, mudrooms, open layout, home office, and many more. Modification is free, and there are designers readily available to facilitate that from your description or sketch.

Browsing through the website for the right floor plan that suits your needs and budget is quite easy. And you can quickly find the trending plan in your city or the location you wish to build your house.

This is another reputable website to buy a house plan. Similar to others, they provide designs in several architectural styles. You just need to choose the most suitable one for you considering your budget, landscape, and family.

Drawing out a floor plan from scratch can be very confusing and tedious. Searching online will help you to quickly find the best house plan for your dream home. You will easily figure out what you want, even if you don't want to make a purchase. The plans are mostly categorized into styles and features to make searching easier.

Buying a house plan online rules out the need for an architect. There is no payment for meetings and consultations with an architect. You simply pay for rights to a plan created by a professional architect. The house plan websites usually have architects that are available to help you modify any plan you choose.

You get thousands of options to choose from online. You can select a trending plan, a new plan, or even a plan that is common to where you live. There are several layouts, and styles with both exterior and interior features.

There is no time wasting on meetings with architects. If you already have a tight schedule, the online floor plan is a good go for you. It is faster to narrow down your options virtually than physically. There will be no energy wasting.

You may need to redesign to fit the permits of where you want to construct your building. Using an online floor plan means you have to figure out the codes and permits yourself. This information is not hard to come by, though. With a little research, you will get the permitted code.

We know that the process for designing and building a new home is a long road, so we want to help you get started on the right path. The starting point is pinning down a budget, house style and size. From there you add your must-have features.

4. Donald A. Gardner: Donald Gardner Architects Inc. has been designing homes for over 40 years. Because they design their own house plans, many of their offerings are exclusively available at

14. Concept Home: This site, in addition to their collection of expertly designed home plans, has a guide on starting a home project, in addition to other FAQs and informational posts. The home plans are sorted by category and the smaller selection is balanced by consistency.

19. The Plan Collection: Similar to many others on this list, The Plan Collection is a comprehensive collection of plans in a large variety of styles, architectural designs, and sizes. Its best tool is that you can browse floor plans by specific feature.

21. The House Plan Shop: We really like the look of this site, with a bright clean design and lots of pictures. The house plans are grouped by architecture style in big bold lists, with a quick search function built into every page as well. If you enter your email for a free membership, you can save Favorites and keep them in a shopping cart for future reference.

22. House Plan Gallery: Like many others on this list, House Plan Gallery offers a customizable search box for their selection of home plans, but they also drop in a substantial list of FAQs on pretty much every aspect of the process, from planning to building to buying.

24. Sater Design: We really enjoy the fact that this site is focused solely on luxury homes, with a selection ranging from smaller but richly detailed houses to sprawling Spanish Colonials and three-story Victorian homes. The company also offers the option to customize any plans and to create your own with their custom design services.

You should be able to narrow down your searches by style (farmhouse, craftsman, modern, etc.), number of stories, small and tiny home search options, large houses and mansions (or search by square footage), narrow lots, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, affordable homes (as well as luxury homes and everything in between) and finally all kinds of distinctive features such as swimming pool, patio/deck, open concept,

Some of the sites above offer custom home design services where you can tweak or customize the plans they sell. Or, they can refer you to an architect to handle it for you. You can save quite a bit of money working from an existing stock house plan yet get exactly what you want.

The process of searching for modern house plans is now a click away thanks to our user-friendly online service. Whether you want a plan for a 500-sq. ft. home or a 4,000-sq. ft. condominium, you'll find that we make finding a house design easier than ever. All you have to do is to fill out the search form on our website by entering your preferred square footage. For customized results, you can filter your search by including the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, garage bays and stories.

Moreover, you can customize any of the available plans to fit your lot and lifestyle needs. For instance, if you want an additional bedroom or a larger bathroom, our partner architects and designers can make these adjustments seamlessly at an affordable cost. 041b061a72


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