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Fueled By Ava Munroe !!BETTER!!

Its is Discrimination policy that have created the illegal numbers Bosses.. Bahamians cannot operate or Gamble in Casino's, and just like prohibition fueled the MOB and organised crime this was destined to happen.. But this numbers thing is bizare, wierd legal/ illegal strangeness i just do not understand.. They have Business licenses, but its illegal to Gamble, but they have Business licenses. Strange application of the rule of law, does not make sense..

Fueled by Ava Munroe

All magic is fueled by magical energies, like mana or other potential sources, such as energies from arcane beings. Without the necessary energy/source to fuel magic into existence it would be simply powerless practices and pure myths. Overall magic by its purest nature and concept is a mystic forces that roots variants forms of magics throughout the supernatural world. 041b061a72


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