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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Why You Should Binge-Watch All 7 Seasons and Extras Now

PC players can get access to the TNG Romulan War and Battle of Wolf 359 single discs, as well as the rest of the four main feature length episodes and a bonus feature on the Klingon KDF special edition DVD. Star Trek: Nemesis starring Jared Harris and the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise starring Brent Spiner and TNG favorite Ricardo Montalban are also available. Additionally, PC players get access to the Star Trek: Next Generation Season 1 Blu-ray collection, including the two part Best of Both Worlds feature length special disc. A Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Special Collectors Edition is also available.

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The upcoming Blu-ray release of Star Trek: First Contact will include the original theatrical trailer, a documentary about the making of the movie from the included documentary Star Trek III - The Final Frontier and a making of featurette - Star Trek III - The Making of the Movie. Fans will also be able to watch a complete and uncut version of the theatrical trailer and discover new moments in the making of the first Star Trek motion picture. Finally, fans will see how the new cinematic universe was created, starting with the formation of the new cast.

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