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Shining Song Starnova Licensel

Shining Song Starnova Licensel: A Visual Novel About Idols and Dreams

Shining Song Starnova Licensel is a visual novel game developed by Love in Space and published by Sekai Project. It was released on Steam on September 13, 2018. The game follows the story of seven aspiring idols who join a talent agency called STARNOVA, hoping to achieve their dreams of stardom. However, they soon discover that the idol industry is not as glamorous as it seems, and they have to face various challenges and hardships along the way.

The game features seven different heroines, each with their own personality, background, and route. The player can choose to romance one of them, or pursue a friendship with all of them. The game is partially voiced by popular Japanese voice actors, such as Asami Imai, Ayane Sakura, Haruka Yamazaki, and more. The game also has a soundtrack composed by Love in Space and a vocal collection featuring songs sung by the heroines.


Shining Song Starnova Licensel is a game that explores the themes of idol culture, fame, ambition, and love. It is a game that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer for the girls of STARNOVA as they chase their dreams. It is a game that will show you that even though it may seem dark, the light at the end is always shining.

If you are interested in playing Shining Song Starnova Licensel, you can buy it on Steam or You can also buy the limited edition bundle that includes the game, soundtrack, and vocal collection. If you are a fan of visual novels, idols, or both, you should definitely check out Shining Song Starnova Licensel!


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