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Cinemagic La Ambassador

Wallace High School pupil Nathan Stevenson (Year 14) and Gareth Greenfield, a former WHS Moving Image Arts student, were selected as ambassadors for the 6th Cinemagic festival Programme in LA. Cinemagic are an Arts funded organisation who specialise in providing opportunities for children and young people to develop skills in filmmaking. Included among the many high profile patrons are actors Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan.

Cinemagic La Ambassador

Nathan and Gareth applied for the BFI Film academy in September 2013 and were selected to take part in a series of workshops and filmmaking projects over several months. They were introduced to a number of Industry professionals during the programme including producers Iain Smith (The Fifth Element), Mark Huffam (Saving Private Ryan) and Bafta Award winner Michael Lennox (Boogaloo and Graham) to name but a few. They were offered advice and guidance about the filmmaking process and provided with opportunities to collaborate with young people from different schools. At the end of the programme they presented their completed films in a showcase in March 2014 at BBC Broadcasting House. Cinemagic, clearly impressed by the work of the students, approached both Nathan and Gareth and persuaded them to apply to become ambassadors in LA. They both applied and succeeded in achieving their places on the programme.

The company will continue its 2004 European tour with performances in England, France, Belgium and Spain. Before the company returns home June 24, it will have performed 17 times in 11 different cities, including two for U.S. ambassadors to Spain and France. 350c69d7ab


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