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Multi Gyn Actigel Where To Buy

Multi-Gyn has a pH of 4.1 (the pH of a healthy vagina). Because Multi-Gyn ActiGel restores the beneficial vaginal microbial flora it is multi-effective. It directly soothes itch, soreness, redness and sensitivity of the vaginal tissue. Herewith it also optimizes the condition of the vaginal tissues.

multi gyn actigel where to buy

With the applicator you can apply the gel into the vagina where it can act for a longer time. After use you can leave the applicator on the tube, wash it with warm water and then place the cap on the applicator. Wash your hands and apply at least the amount of a fingertip on the tip of your index finger. Insert your finger into your vagina.

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel internal applicationIn case of internal vaginal problems like bacterial vaginosis or other vaginal problems, you should apply Multi-Gyn ActiGel inside the vagina. You use the cannula included in the packaging for this, which you screw onto the tube. It allows the gel to be applied inside the vagina, where its action will be of long duration. After use, you can leave the cannula on the tube; simply clean it with hot water and screw the cap back on. If you prefer, you can also apply the gel inside the vagina with your finger. Wash your hands first. The amount of gel you can apply with your finger is about the same size as your fingertip (about 2 ml). 041b061a72


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