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Download and Install Discjuggler Pro v4.60: A Safe and Reliable Source

the discjuggler program will let you burn iso image file to disc ( as well as folder and clound ) whether it is dreamcast game or not. check discjuggler home page for step by step tutorial on installing this software.

Discjuggler Pro v4.60 free download

Download File:

take note of you dreamcast games discs and you can try to open them manually. this tutorial will show you how to open these cd images using the discjuggler disc burner app. choose the cdimage application option ( select the cd format box and choose cd image) and click open. discjuggler program may take few moments to locate the discs after choosing the right option. if not, you may have to wait until you are requested to select the files manually.

the following step has to be done when you have successfully burned the game disc. the game will now be burned to an iso image, as such you will need to extract the title to your computer or you may also directly burn it to cd using the discjuggler windows application. if you havent yet, you can download the discjuggler app for windows here and extract the title on your computer. ( in this section i use bsds, but any iso file produced by discjuggler will work just fine).

select discjuggler in the menu, then click burn image to disc. if you are burning a folder, you can also select the folder. click next. in this box, enter your name and the name of the folder containing the disc image, then select begin burning.

the following step is to extract the disc image that was burned to disc. if you have extracted or mounted the disc image in any way, then you can start nero burner software, and it will recognize the disc image. place it on a blank disc, and select you want to burn it. in this step, select whatever your secondary computer is.


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