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The front cover and page 1 can be found at the top of the mountain. To open the door you'll need to solve the puzzle on page 49 of the manual. Check out our Mountain Door guide for more information on how to solve this puzzle.

Page 26

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Pages 4 and 5 will require you to have obtained the dash ability from the Crown found in the Cathedral. Go to the Dark Tomb's entrance in the Overworld and then run to the stone bridge just south of it. The manual pages will be on the piece of floating rubble next to it.

Pages 6 and 7 can be found in the Forest Fortress. After entering the area from the Overworld, head northwest and when you arrive at the intersection, go left. Pray to the black Obelisk and the manual page should be directly in front of you.

Pages 10 and 11 will be found in the Overworld. From the game's starting point, run up the first flight of stairs to find a locked door on the right. Find the key to the door (it will be found east of the first fox shrine save point) to unlock it and find the manual page inside.

Pages 22 and 23 will require you to have obtained the Teleportation Crown from the Cathedral. From the entrance to the East Forest, go north and then teleport dash into the mouth of the stone statue. Inside will be a shop where you can find the manual pages.

Pages 24 and 25 can be found inside the Sealed Temple after you've run both the East and Wests Bells. Enter the Sealed Temple and run all the way to the end. Make a right and climb up the wooden ladder to walk along the ledge. You'll find the manual page behind a pillar and a fox statue.

Pages 26 and 27 can be found in the West Garden. From the first save point, follow the wider path down until you reach a small fountain with a Chompignom beside it. From there, follow the narrow path up until you reach the end to find the instruction manual pages.

Pages 28 and 29 can be found in the Overworld. From the entrance to the East Forest, cross the wooden bridge and up the stone slope to the small island in front of the stone mouth. The pages will be available here.

Pages 32 and 33 can be found on the beach towards the center of the Overworld. Head towards the bridge that leads to the Ruined Atoll on the southeast corner of the Overworld and climb down the wooden ladder on the right. From there, make a right and walk behind the waterfall to get to the other side of the shore. Run along the shore until you reach the bottom of the next bridge, where you'll find the manual pages.

Pages 36 and 37 will be found in the Eastern Vault. Use the fast travel teleporter to get to the Eastern Vault quickly and exit through the golden door. Run down the stairs and make a left until you reach the room with a group of Custodians gathered around a group of candles and where a black Obelisk once stood. Run up the pile of rubble on the top right corner, then run left and then down to the edge of the top floor, where you'll find the manual pages.

Pages 38 and 39 will be found in the Great Library. After climbing up the ladder in the cylindrical room, you'll enter a laboratory of sorts. Climb up over the edge by using the Magic Orb and then run to the top right corner. You'll see the manual page in a glass case next to a deactivated Obelisk robot.

Pages 42 and 43 will require you to have obtained the Teleportation Crown from the Cathedral. From the Old House in the Overworld, make your way south until you find the fountain just north of the bridge that leads to the Ruined Atoll. Teleport dash to the pillar in the middle of the fountain to grab pages 42 and 43.

Directly next to the fountain will be what looks like a door with some markings on it. On page 43 of the manual will be a direction code you can enter using the D-pad. Use this code to open the door and inside will be pages 44 and 45 of the instruction manual.

Pages 46 and 47 will be found in the West Garden but you'll need two things to get it: you'll need to have obtained the Teleportation Crown from the Cathedral and you'll need to fast travel to the West Garden.After fast traveling, teleport dash across the nearby pillars until you reach the back of the small island where you found the Magic Dagger. The manual pages will be on the ledge - you may need to hold down the LT button to see them.

Pages 48 and 49 can be found in the northwest corner of the Overworld, in front of the Golden Obelisk where you originally find the Magic Wand. Copy the pattern on the Golden Obelisk with the D-pad to reveal the manual pages.

Pages 50 and 51 can be found in the Great Library in the same area you found pages 38-39 and 40-41. On the left side just above the chalkboard will be another glass case containing the manual pages.

Pages 52 and 53 can be found in the Overworld. Enter the Old House and go through the doorway in the back to where you originally found the shield. Go into the next room where you'll find a door with a pattern in the middle and two sets of stairs on either side. You'll need to copy the pattern on the door with the D-pad to open it. Once you do, go through the door to enter the next room and grab pages 52 and 53 of the manual.

Go behind the waterfall next to the entrance to the Dark Tomb in the Overworld. You'll enter a cave that will have a small altar in the center and swirling around it will be the spirits of the fairies you've rescued so far. If you've collected at least 10 secret fairies, the manual pages will magically appear on the altar - all you need to do is grab them.

Worse, in addition to being sent 2 steps back, sometimes users are simply returned to the top of the product list, nowhere near the product they had been considering, and they thus have to refind the product list item first before even being able to return to the product page.

Despite the clear pitfalls inherent in using product page subpages for some product page content, 26% of sites use this design pattern, ensuring a subgroup of their users will never find important product page content.

This will result in user abandonments, and furthermore is a waste of resources, as the most engaging and informative product page content will be completely overlooked by some of the very users who would benefit the most from seeing it.

A woman and two children, all with pale skin and flushed cheeks, sit together in a landscape in this round painting. The woman takes up most of the composition as she sits with her right leg, to our left, tucked under her body. Her other leg, on our right, is bent so the foot rests on the ground, and that knee angles up and out to the side. She wears a rose-pink dress under a topaz-blue robe, and a finger between the pages of a closed book holds her place. Her brown hair is twisted away from her face. She has delicate features and her pink lips are closed. She looks and leans to our left around a nude young boy who half-sits and half-stands against her bent leg. The boy has blond hair and pudgy, toddler-like cheeks and body. The boy reaches his right hand, on our left, to grasp the tall, thin cross held by the second young boy, who sits on the ground next to the pair. This second boy has darker brown hair and wears a garment resembling animal fur. The boy kneels facing the woman and looks up at her and the blond boy. The trio sits on a flat, grassy area in front of a body of water painted light turquoise. Mountains in the deep distance are pale azure blue beneath a nearly clear blue sky.

International students can enroll in Academia, Culture and Campus Life: What to Expect at Wes starting on July 1st. This five-week course will be offered for free on Coursera. It introduces you to people that work with and resources for international students, shows you around campus, talks about academic life at Wesleyan, and gives you an opportunity to meet each other. You can find more information about the course on the OISA Facebook page. 041b061a72


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