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ATB Distant Earth Limited Edition 2011 FLAC __FULL__

Distant Earth is German producer André "ATB" Tanneberger's eighth studio album, which was released on 29 April 2011, by Kontor Records. It features 2 CDs in the standard edition, 3 CDs in the limited edition, and 3 CDs + 5 ATB signed postcards + ATB bracelet in the FanBox Limited Edition (which can be ordered on Amazon and it is limited to 2000 copies). Also, there is another 2 CD digipack version that comes with an ATB sticker and it is available only in Germany.

ATB Distant Earth Limited Edition 2011 FLAC


On 29 July 2011, André announced through his Facebook page that a remixed edition of Distant Earth would be released later that year. The album was released on 16 September 2011. This was the first remix album released by ATB.


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