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Buy Vw Beetle

We are a son and father team who love restoring Volkswagen beetles back to their original historical beauty. Whether it is nostalgia you are looking for, the thumbs up from other classic car owners, or just to enjoy its sheer artistic design, the VW Beetle will always make one's head turn and smile.

buy vw beetle

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The Type 1 was officially given the name "Beetle" (from "der Käfer," German for beetle, which was used in brochures). That year, Disney released the first of six movies featuring Herbie the Love Bug, an anthropomorphic 1963 Beetle with a racing-style number 53 on the hood. In 2018, one of the cars used in the 1977 movie Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and 1982's Herbie Goes Bananas set a record for a Beetle at auction, selling at Barrett-Jackson for $128,700. 041b061a72


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