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Blue Lock Episode 7

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available an hour and a half after its release in Japan. In the United States, that would be at these times on Saturday:

Blue Lock Episode 7

This week's episode of the soccer anime Blue Lock was a roller coaster ride when it comes to pacing. It went all over the place, with nail-biting moments of adrenaline and action to slower, more emotional scenes, and back again. That did make the episode go by quickly, and there was some really great action near the end of the soccer match that we will get to soon. Plus, we got our first look at the top team in Team Z's building, and next week's contenders, Team V!

Next week's episode will likely be at least the start of the match between Team Z and Team V, which will be the most climatic one so far since it will determine which team will move onto the next stage of Blue Lock. Don't forget, though, that even if teams are defeated, the top player on each one will also continue forward in the program. So some of the biggest antagonists from previous episodes will likely be around again soon! We are most curious to see what happens with Kuon next week, since he is still on Team Z...

Episode 7 of Blue Lock will be released on Saturday, November 19th 2022 at 8:30 AM PDT. In Japan, viewers can watch the new episode on TV Asahi, while international fans can enjoy it on Crunchyroll. In select regions of Asia, including India, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand, Netflix has licensed the show. The release time will vary for different locations, so here's the release schedule for different timezones:

In the previous episode of Blue Lock, Team V stood tall in the scoreboards by winning both of their matches, while all of the other teams only won one match. It was then time for the match between Team Z and Team W, but not before Team Z held an important meeting to strategize. The key topic of discussion at the meeting remains the Wanima brothers, who had been the reason for the team's success so far, and the plan is to split them up.

After half-time, the match takes a turn, and Team W is able to score two goals due to Kuon's negligence. Isagi notices Kuon smiling, and in the meantime, Team W scores their third goal, breaking every combination from Team Z. The Wanima brothers then confirm Kuon's betrayal to Isagi, who betrayed them to retain his position in the Blue Lock. At the end of the episode, Team W score their fourth goal, giving them a lead of one point.

The previous episode saw Kuon collaborating with Team W to score three goals to make himself the top scorer of Team Z. He later helped Team W to equalize the score. After Team Z started suspecting him, Kuon and the Wanima brothers came clean about their deal, and blatantly declared the match to have been changed to a 12 vs 10 match.

Blue Lock episode 7, titled Rush, started off with Kuon saving an attempt from Team W, as he announced to his team how they needed to tie the score to stay in the Blue Lock. While the team worked hard to stay in the game, Chigiri, who was concerned about his injury, reflected on his past.

The episode revealed Chigiri's past and how he boasted his special weapon, his pace to try and become the best striker in the world. He defeated the Wanima brothers in a 1v2 match, followed by becoming the team's strongest striker. However, everything went wrong when he took a misstep during a match, tearing his ACL.

Blue Lock episode 7 finally introduced us to the members of the strongest team within Team Z's bracket, Team V. They have won all the games by huge margins, and could pose a huge threat to Team Z's chances of surviving in Blue Lock. With not a lot of time left for the final match, Isagi and his team will have to come up with new strategies to possibly outmatch their strong opponents.

Blue Lock: Season 1 is being released one episode every week on Saturdays for those in Europe and America. The first season is split into two cours, with the first one getting 12 episodes.

The next episode will feature the remainder of the match against Team W, with Kuon now joining them. Team Z will struggle to beat 12 players with just 10 in their team, so we will see how they plan on winning and if they manage to.

The episode begins with Team Z talking about their next match against Team W. If Team W loses, they will be out of the tournament. The Wanima brothers are the key players of Team W, who use combination play.

Isagi blocks their shot just in time and tells Chigiri to ignore them. Team Z scores two goals. One of the Wanima brothers plays a foul, landing Team Z to get a free hit, scoring them another point. They scored 3-0 in the first half, all points scored by Kuon.

With each passing week, the episodes seem to get less attractive. The previous episode began with the match between teams X and Y. Fans are still waiting for an answer. As a result, Blue Lock Episode 6 will continue similarly.

In order to watch Blue Lock in the US and the majority of countries around the world (North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS), you will need a subscription to Crunchyroll, where episodes are available weekly and the show is available exclusively.

As there is currently no English dub available, episodes are available to stream with English subtitles and multiple other languages, including Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Russian and more.

Blue Lock episode guide is here! Whether you are a soccer fan or not, it does not matter because this anime will even compel non-soccer fans to watch till the end. Each episode ends with a massive cliffhanger that one could ask for. The anime is currently trending and has taken the place of rank #7 in March 2023.

The first episode created a buzz online on October 9th with its unique concept and splendid animation. The vibe and visuals are top notches, and you can feel the tense atmosphere from the screen; itself. Now enough with the introduction. We know you are here for the released dates, so just scroll down below for the timetable and episode lists of Blue Lock.

Some people are excessively obsessed with football and this has been portrayed brilliantly through Blue lock anime. There are flaws in the story, but; the efforts and points that, they showed through the anime deserve a standing ovation for sure.

The match turned into 12 vs 10 the moment it was revealed Kuon sold them out for his position as a striker. However, in the last episode, we kept seeing Chigiri being asked to come forward and reveal his weapon. The twins know what it is, as they are his former teammates and they two made sure he remained paralyzed throughout the game to do anything of his use.

Blue Lock Episode 7 is available to watch on Crunchyroll. Sports anime is the only category in which it is being compared to the likes of Haikyuu. The anime is scheduled to have twenty-four episodes in its first season and will be airing/streaming till March 2023.

Blue Lock is a famous Japanese manga series that has been adapted into anime television series recently. This thrilling sports manga got its anime adaptation confirmation in 2021, and on October 9, 2022, its first episode aired. Well, the fans of this series enjoyed its anime adaptation.

After enjoying its latest episode, they are wondering about the Blue Lock Episode 7 Release Date. Before knowing its release date, we will have a look at the main characters that you will get to see in this anime.

As of now, there is no news about the upcoming Blue Lock Episode 7 Release Date. But you can expect this new episode to release on November 20, 2022. Before that, you will get its sixth episode on November 13, 2022. Keep in mind that these dates are not officially revealed. They are added here according to the weekly release schedule of its previous episodes. 041b061a72


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