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Oracle Turns To Innovation Hubs To Drive Cultural And Business Shift To Cloud

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Oracle turns to innovation hubs to drive cultural and business shift to cloud

The concept of hybrid clouds was introduced in 2011. A fair amount of interoperability is needed between a private and public cloud, and the ability to shift workloads back and forth between the two clouds. At this time, very few businesses had systems capable of doing this, though many wanted to, because of the tools and storage public clouds could offer.

Currently, one of the primary users of cloud services are application developers. In 2016 the cloud began to shift from developer-friendly to developer-driven. Application developers began taking full advantage of the cloud for the tools it had available. A large number of services strive to be developer-friendly to draw more customers. Realizing the need, and the potential for profit, cloud vendors developed (and continue to develop) the tools apps developers want and need.

Campus networks are undergoing a massive transition to handle unprecedented challenges, as enterprises move to IoT-ready campuses. Indeed, network architects face a new mandate to better align with morphing business needs and ubiquitous user workloads, using open software-driven cloud principles for a consistent, uniform enterprise-wide operational experience. The 1990s saw the challenge of information sharing via the internet and email. The 2000s marked the convergence of business systems and PBX networks, improving productivity and lowering operational costs.

The data revolution is transforming the consumer and business landscape with intelligent transportation, smart cities, home automation and IoT devices. The common theme: data is everywhere and is growing exponentially. Over the years, network service providers have invested in multiple technology transitions in mobile, broadband access and business services. This has led to disparate SP networks, each with its own proprietary architecture, leading to enormous OPEX and CAPEX budget bloats. More importantly, these silos have crippled their ability to introduce new services or scale out existing services in an agile manner. With increased bandwidth demand and reduced revenue per bit forecasted, service providers are under pressure to reduce their TCO and transform their infrastructure to drive innovation, all while being more agile in service delivery.

NTT DATA is a top 10 global IT services provider, headquartered in Tokyo, operating in more than 50 countries. We offer an advanced portfolio of consulting, application, business process, cloud, and infrastructure services to businesses and governments worldwide. For us, work is not only about technological innovation. It is about connecting people, about delighting our customers and of course developing our people. We offer a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for you to grow not only your career, but also yourself. If you have the vision we have the tools.

Your company has a unique purpose and growth journey. That's why you need a distinct cloud strategy to take advantage of breakthrough technologies, scale rapidly, and seize emerging opportunities. TCS can help you drive business value, build resilience, and advance your goals of transformation, adaptation, and innovation for a reimagined future.


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