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Dog Bisuit Recipe Yogurt Coating

Put a smile on your pooch's face by making your own yogurt coating to sweeten boring old dog biscuits. Store-bought yogurt treats tend to have too much fat and sugar, which can make your doggie sick. Follow this recipe and spoil your four-legged best friend without harming his health.

dog bisuit recipe yogurt coating

The yogurt mixture will harden, but if you want to ensure it hardens completely, place the coated dog biscuits into the refrigerator and leave them for between 30 and 45 minutes. Your dog might enjoy the yogurt-coated dog treats cold, but if he's finicky, simply let the ones he's about to eat get to room temperature again. The yogurt coating will remain hardened. Since it's yogurt you are dealing with, keep uneaten biscuits refrigerated so they don't go bad.

I found a website for it once and now I can't find it....Also, do most cookies need to refrigerated?Chef's Answer Well, this may not be what you found, but here is one type of yogurt coating for dog icing that may be helpful.Most cookies will last longer in the refrigerator. Unless you bake them extra hard, so that there is little to no moisture, dog cookies benefit from staying in the fridge or freezer until being enjoyed.Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

In a separate bowl, toss the cranberries with a tablespoon of powdered sugar until they are completely dusted. Pour about half of the yogurt coating over the cranberries. Stir until the cranberries are completely coated and you can see no more dry powdered sugar.

Transfer the cranberries back into a mixing bowl and toss with the remaining yogurt coating to give them a second, thicker coat. Drop them back onto the lined baking sheet. When the tops are dry to the touch, move the cranberries around to make sure the undersides also have a chance to dry. (If you have a cooling rack with a small enough grating, you can scatter the cranberries on top for quicker and more even drying.) In total, the cranberries will take at least 6 hours or overnight to dry.

Yogurt Coating Other Foods: Try this yogurt coating with any other dried fruit. I particularly like yogurt-coated apricots! This coating also works on pretzels, but I find that the pretzels don't keep very well and quickly become stale.

Like white dipping chocolate, yogurt coating is white, and it usually contains some sugar. To color yogurt coating, you can use natural ingredients like turmeric powder (yellow), red beet powder (red), or spinach powder (green) or food coloring gel.

Candy melts are wafers of white chocolate that are used in making candy. You can use the white chocolate wafers (and the colored white chocolate wafers) to frost your dog treats. Apply this chocolate to your dog cookies, the same as you would carob coating or yogurt coating.

There is an alternative to yogurt coating chips that is quick andeasy. It is called Fido's Frosting. It comes in either a frosting forspreading on dog cakes or piping decorations, or a royal icing for dogsthat tends to flow better and is best used for flooding or drizzling. Itdries hard and does not melt. It needs no refrigeration. Yogurt coatingchips require refrigeration.

Cakes might just be what we do best around here, and we have lots of top selling options for you to choose from! These are soft, peanut butter banana cakes decorated with a hard yogurt coating. These are perishable, soft cakes (not stacked cookies). They can be personalized at no additional charge. A perfect treat for up to 4 medium sized dogs. A candle is included. They are best cut with a serrated knife. Storage instructions are right on the front of the box, as these are perishable cakes and do need to be stored in the freezer or refrigerator upon receipt.

I'm loving your recipes, videos and dogs! Thanks for helping me male the transition to home made food without over thinking it! I'm only a few days in, but my dogs are already showing signs of better health, less gas, less itching, and they're extremely happy about the switch too. I haven't bought the supplements yet, and I'm using a modified recipe currently because my dogs all had a bit of digestive issues and needed a bland diet for a few days anyway. I love your yogurt pumpkin bowl idea and the spice blend you make is amazing. I'm here for the recipes!

Hey Sandy - you just need to start small and you can work your way up to larger portions. Our dogs get about 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt in their bowl sin the morning now along with the pumpkin. Hope this helps and if your pup loved the recipe I would be so grateful if you would give it a star rating for me. Thank you!!!

There are actually quite a few frosting recipes that are safe for dogs. We chose a simple one with plain Greek yogurt as the main ingredient because it contains healthy probiotics, plus tapioca starch, which helps the icing harden.


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