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Buy Utah Utes Basketball Tickets

In the event of a postponed or canceled event, guests are advised to check the event promoter website. The status of University of Utah athletic events can be checked at Ticket information for University of Utah athletic events can be found at, the local newspaper or Utah media affiliates for further information

buy utah utes basketball tickets


Tickets for all men's basketball games must be claimed on a first come, first served process. Students will need to login to their account to claim tickets using their student number.Student Basketball Claim Windows

If you are unable to claim a student ticket during the claim window and would still like to attend the game, come to the CUEC on the day of the game and go to the main ticket office window at the Northwest entrance. Approximately 5-10 minutes after tipoff students with a sports pass can request a free ticket to get into the game for any of the remaining unsold seats in the arena or unclaimed tickets in the student section. These seats will be given on a first come first served basis and will be dependent on the number of unsold seats remaining at tipoff. You must sit in the seat you are given on your free ticket. You must have your Buff OneCard and Student ID # ready prior to arriving at the ticket window. 041b061a72


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