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To accommodate evolving public health recommendations regarding COVID-19, we are adopting a hybrid virtual-and-in-person festival model for CFFS 2022. VIRTUAL, IN-PERSON, and HYBRID (virtual AND in-person) Festival Passes are available here.

NWFF is adapting to evolving recommendations to protect the public from COVID-19. Read more about their policies regarding cleaning, masks, and capacity limitations here. We reserve the option to shift the festival to virtual-only on short notice.

A little girl lives in a village with her mother where water sources are dwindling by the day. The drought affects her imagination; even her doodles and drawings. And besides the people of the village, the drought also affects the nature and wildlife. Still, the little girl never loses hope.

The MIT Museum is hosting a virtual Girls Day on Saturday, March 13th, aimed at celebrating women who are exploring, researching and innovating in the STEM fields. During the free online event, participants can, meet researchers who study everything from insect larvae to, um, poop, and how important those things are to science and society."

As Akila narrates the story, students follow the girls and her little brother, Jabari, who communicates with the girls through the tablet. They crack codes and ciphers and solve puzzles. They also learn the history of cryptology and basics of cybersecurity to help the girls escape the cyberworld.

First, my own story. I had a good sense of things from a very early age. At around 3 years old, I found myself wanting girls' shoes over boys' shoes. By the time I was 8, I had heard that people could transition and feared it was something I was a little too curious about. By age 12, I was pretty sure I was transgender.

If I could give one big piece of advice, it's this: do not be afraid to explore, in as safe a manner as you can. Do not feel you need to be locked into one way of being trans, or that you have to do anything specific to be "really trans." You have a virtual panoply of options to explore: countless gender possibilities and even more ways one might wish to express them. You can change directions at any time, and try something else if you wish.

Most recently, he launched The Apptopus, a startup virtual management platform that brings online orders, delivery services and prepaid phone order processes in a simple and efficient manner to help small business owners and restaurateurs maintain services and increase revenue.

From a tour of the holy city of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque to pilgrimages to the Western Wall and Kaaba at Mecca, worshippers and visitors around the world are able to join virtual reality spiritual trips to some of Earth's most sacred sites. Religious VR explorations are among the many evolving spaces in the immersive virtual world known as the metaverse. "We believe that virtual reality is the new Internet, the new way for people not to watch things passively on the screen, but to actually teleport themselves and can go and travel and explore," said Nimrod Shanit, producer and director of The Holy City virtual reality experience. In 2015 Shanit began constructing The Holy City, an immersive virtual reality experience that allows people to visit Jerusalem's holiest sites. Through the metaverse virtual pilgrims can now follow Orthodox clerics as they emerge from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Holy Fire ceremony, they can tuck a prayer note into a crack of the Western Wall, or follow the steps of thousands of worshippers during Ramadan at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Similarly in 2015, Ehab Fares, chief executive of the digital agency BSocial, began creating a virtual experience that would allow VR visitors to pilgrimage to and explore some of Islam's most sacred sites including Mecca. He called it Experience Makkah. The latest version can be explored through Google Cardboard, a low-cost cardboard attachment that turns smartphones into virtual reality viewers.

The pandemic has exploited girls and women for sextortion, revenge porn, sex trafficking, and cybersex trafficking. Technology is playing a huge role in the exploitation of women and girls. We need global alliances to crack-down this pipeline: Bitcoin, TOR, BlockChain, and medical grade devices, etc.

The Double L Dude Ranch Murder Mystery - Welcome to the Double L Dude Ranch. Located on the site of mysterious gold mine, guests of the ranch enjoy cook outs, horseback riding, treasure hunting.... And murder?! Lured by the promise of a weekend of rest and relaxation, these "city slickers" get more than they bargained for when a famous guest, once Western movie star, turns up dead. Will you be the new Sherriff in town who helps the Double L solve the crime? Put your sleuthing skills to the test as you follow the clues to solve the crime in this virtual interactive murder mystery event, a blend of performance and interview rooms, where you can interrogate the suspects and ask questions about the crime. Prizes will be awarded to the person who cracks the case. click hereStars in the House - 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE Original Broadway Cast Reunion with Deborah S. Craig, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Dan Fogler, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Jose Llana and Sarah Saltzberg. click here

Belfast Blues - Passionate, riveting, and often humorous, Belfast Blues is a tapestry of autobiographical stories told from Hughes' perspective as a little girl coming of age in the war-torn Belfast of the 1980s. These stories bear insightful witness to the many faces of "trying to live a normal life" amidst the violence born of the longstanding conflict between Catholics and Protestants. At thirteen, Hughes temporarily left "The Troubles" to star in a TV movie, Children in the Crossfire, directed by George Schaefer, only to return home to a different kind of confusion and pain. Belfast Blues, a play written and performed by Geraldine Hughes, was developed in collaboration with Kim Terrell and The Virtual Theatre Project in 2003, and produced by Steven Klein and Matt Shakman, as the first play in Black Dahlia's 2003 season in Los Angeles. It was originally directed by Charles Haid, with set design by Jonathan Christman and sound design by Jonathan Snipes. Its New York premiere took place at The Culture Project in 2005 under the direction of Carol Kane. click here

The five-day event concluded today with the distribution of Ajai Shankar Memorial awards for best virtual booth wherein Navneet Sehgal, Additional Chief Secretary (MSME), was the Chief Guest. In his address, Sehgal congratulated EPCH for initiating virtual fairs and providing a viable marketing platform during these difficult times to the exporters of handicrafts.

Ravi K. Passi, Chairman EPCH, said the 51stedition of IHGF-Delhi fair 2021 was the first of its kind virtual trade fair for handicraft products spread over in 15 virtual halls and participated by around 700 manufacturers and exporters from the country.Â

Arshad Mir, Member Committee of Administration EPCH informed that participation in IHGF-Delhi Fair in virtual mode has been a boon to the exhibitors of Jammu and Kashmir who during these difficult times have been looking for marketing opportunities.

The Ajai Shankar Memorial awards for best design display for virtual booths in Jammu & Kashmir pavilion were awarded to M/s Bangroo Arts, Srinagar (gold award) and M/s Srinagar Collection, Srinagar (silver award).

While virtual reality (VR) companies have attracted considerable funding in recent years, the anticipated boom in widespread consumer adoption has yet to arrive. But the preoccupation with the consumer market has distracted us from the VR revolution already underway, says Jaron Lanier, an Innovation Realized panelist widely regarded as a founder of the field of virtual reality.


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