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Glowing and shimmering in the sunny border, Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca 'Citrina' (Glaucous Scorpion-Vetch) is a small bushy evergreen shrub with pale-lemon, pea-shaped flower clusters in rounded heads of up to 15 flowers. Rich with a sweet peach fragrance, they are borne on short stems in a rounded umbel-shaped head, which forms a crown - thus, coronilla. Blooming continuously from mid-spring to early summer in warm winter areas, and late winter to late spring in cooler areas, the blossoms contrast nicely with the attractive foliage of blue-gray, pinnate leaves and add cheerful color during the dull days of winter. Forming a low-growing shrub with a spidery growth habit, this charming Mediterranean native makes an extraordinary wall shrub or background plant.




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