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shakira received her bachelor of science degree in environmental engineering from the university of puerto rico and a master of science degree in environmental engineering from the university of puerto rico school of engineering. she has worked in various corporate jobs, including with the puerto rico electric power authority, the ports authority of puerto rico and the puerto rico aqueduct and sewers authority, before joining the uprm environmental management program as a professor.


in september 2015, shakira became the first hispanic woman inducted into the international swimming hall of fame. the induction ceremonies took place at the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge, massachussetts.

shakiras charity work is also a passion. shakira has dedicated her time to numerous charitable causes and has given away millions of dollars to support their goals. her message is that no one should be forced to ask for help, as she believes that every person should be given the tools to take care of themselves and their families.

one of shakiras most famous songs is titled ojos así, which literally translates to eyes like this. shakiras optimistic message of peace and unity stems from her gratitude and humility, as she is so fortunate to have achieved so much in her career and life.

before she returned to puerto rico in 2016, shakira traveled to brazil, uruguay, argentina, spain, italy, malta, israel, greece, scotland, england, france, england and germany in a bid to learn spanish, with hopes to be fluent in her adopted language.


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