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Will Dead Rising 3 Be 1080p

so maybe same for doom and just cause 3? ive been avoiding those due to game debate but i got dead rising 3 without checking here first, after playing i came on to do a few answers about the game to improve my GD score and see it says i cant run it (red X near my gpu at top of page

Will Dead Rising 3 Be 1080p

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Confirmed with surprising openness to be running at a straight 720p resolution at 30fps, Dead Rising 3 has much to prove to early Xbox One buyers. While many will be looking for evidence of a generational shift in terms of graphics and performance - ideally both - it's clear that development of this game has perhaps not been been as smooth as Capcom Vancouver would have preferred, appearing as it did with copious pop-in, tearing and serious frame-rate issues at Microsoft's 2013 E3 booth. But, raising its head once again at a London event, we're given an unfiltered hands-on with the title to see whether the extra months of development have given it a much-needed turnaround. 350c69d7ab


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