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Psychologist specializing in sexual attractions would disagree with you. Ephebophilia is common enough to be considered normal for society and is the most common age related. Ephebophilia is attraction to persons who have gone through puberty (typically 15-21 years old depending on sex and the onset of puberty) but have not physically matured. i.e sexually mature but not physically mature. And yes, the psychology of attraction is an interesting and at times disturbing. Part of it comes with the human brain being hardwired to breed as is the case with all animals. At a base level we exist to procreate. Which is why things that are detrimental to procreation are repulsive to society on a base level. Necrophilia, pedophilia (sexual attraction to prepubescent children), hebephilia (attraction to pubescent children), incest, homosexuality, ect. On the other side you have a basic attraction to things that are seen a contribution to procreation. A pregnant woman is a known breeder, wide hips and large breast psychologically identify a woman more likely to be physically capable of birthing and raising a small child, muscles and height on the male side tend to be identifies of a good protector and provider. Another part of it is age. Mens sexual peak is between the ages of 16-35 whereas with women its between 16-25. Now none of this has anything to do with societal or moral norms. Society rules sometimes contradict psychological norms which is good as human are above the base psychological needs.

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