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Thick Anime Girls

Galko is tall and has a curvaceous body. Her skin is pale and her hair is dyed blonde. She also has large breasts, which are a topic of conversation among her friends frequently. Galko is considered to be a thicc anime girl by the thiccest anime characters standards.

Thick anime girls

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is a beautiful and Thicc woman who perfectly combines strength and beauty. She has been one of the most popular anime characters in recent years, and many people claim she is waifu-type material.

Charlotte Smoothie is one thicc anime girl, she is not only frightening but also very good-looking. But when it comes to a giant thick anime character few names come to mind other than Charlotte Smoothie.

The character C.C., who seems like a normal girl at first glance, quickly became popular for her beautiful green hair and enviable figure. She shatters all the stereotypes of a typical anime girl that you might have in your mind.

Nico Robin is one of the best characters in One Piece and also happens to be one of the thick girls in the anime world. She was born on an island called Ohara, which was destroyed by the World Government when she was just a child.

She is certainly putting her voluptuous figure to great use. Until now, there have been some characters who can kill people with their thickness. Irina, on the other hand, literally and precisely does the same thing.

The main female characters in the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata anime. She has your attention at all times, and she is witty and attractive. Taha is a hardworking young woman who will go to any length to achieve her objectives.

Some thicc anime girls include: Nami (One Piece), Hinata (Naruto), Rias (High School DxD), and Erza (Fairy Tail). There are many more thicc anime girls out there, but these are some of the most popular ones.

Welcome people of culture, to our top ten list of thicc anime girls. We have made a list of the thiccest anime characters built like oak barrels. Take your time, look around and check your favorites below.

In terms of appearance, she is a thicc anime girl with pink hair and pink eyes. Even though she is literally built for warfare in the story, her personality is mild-tempered and sweet, and her main goal is to establish peace between the main forces that clash in the story: the blades and the drivers.

She uses this ability to dehydrate and defeat her opponents. Her intimidating status among our list of sexy thicc anime characters is also increased by her immense size of over four meters, a trait inherited from her mother no doubt.

Nozomi Kaminashi is the thick anime girl main character from the anime series Keijo, that focuses on a strange sport geared towards admirers of the area below the midsection. She has dark, unruly hair, partially kept in a ponytail and blue eyes to match her dark blue anime swimsuit.

She is enthusiastic and cheerful unless she in a goofy mood which usually results in some naughty behavior or slapstick humor. She does not let her competitiveness in the sport of Keijo become toxic, however, as she tends to be very supportive towards her friends and rivals. Truly one of the best sexy thicc anime characters!

Corin is a thick anime character from the Battle Royale game Fire Emblem . It is possible to play as both the male or the female version of Corrin, but a lover of thicc anime chracters should not have any doubts about choosing the female model!

The anime girl thicc character model of Corrin is voluptuous, her hair is long and curly-blonde, and her eyes are red like rubies. She is a member of two royal families at once, having born in one and raised by the other. A fact that is apparent from her princess-like clothing style.

Ryas is not just a regular beautiful thicc anime chick, however. She is very kind both towards her peers and those serving under her royal family. A trait not commonly seen in those born into royalty!

Tsunade is one of those sexy thicc anime women everyone knows and has fantasized about at least once. Admit it! In the story of Naruto, she is serving as the fifth Hokage, the leader of the Hidden Leaf village.

In terms of appearance, Tsunade has blonde, long hair worn in two pigtails, thicc anime thighs and brown eyes. When looking at her body, one cannot ignore the big anime breasts, thick hips and thighs. A enchanting thicc anime woman!

And now we reach the top candidate in our list, the gorgeous anime girl with thicc thighs, Raikou Fate. Raikou is a thick anime girl character from the video game Fate/Grand Order. One could say, the best character even from that game, and many other games. A most intriguing and well endowed woman in the leg meat department.

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