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In A Land That No Longer Exists YIFY |VERIFIED|

Every people in the world should watch this documentaryso they they will understand how New Israel was created by british from world war 1 and supported by the united states after world war 2.Obviously all the western powers including the USA doesnt wanr the jewish refugees from europe so they agreed to dump all these refugees in the land of palestine.This is not a biased documentary but rather the truch which the zionist israel want to hide from the public.Now we know that these peoplestole the land of the palestines,dk we still comdone and support them.Pray for the oppressed palestinians.i hope one day they will het back they homeland from the invades jewish refugees from europe.

In a Land That No Longer Exists YIFY

I have been using it for a long span of time, and what I did find out is that this site deserves to claim itself as one of the popular hubs for holding the maximum amount of verified torrents across the globe just like the yify torrents.

Torrenting sites keep on facing downtime regularly. So is the case of yify torrents. If it is down for you the reason can be that either the site is facing hosting issues. DDoS or other hacking attempts that kept the site down or it can be that YTS is blocked by your ISP because of some legal issues. 041b061a72


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