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The Walking Dead S04e11 720p Hdtv X264 Greek 16

Isolated, and potentially deadly from the outside world. This is what's left of the wall that once separated human society from the world of walkers. Season 10 ended with that, and season 11 will open with it. It's not a cliffhanger, but the possibility exists that it's a moment of civilizational change.

The Walking Dead S04e11 720p Hdtv X264 Greek 16

It's not a movie about zombies, and it's not a movie about a movie about zombies. It's not even a movie about a movie that's about zombies. It's a movie that's set in a movie that's about zombies. But it's a movie where the zombies are less a part of the story than they are an excuse to tell this story, which is about two people who make the most of an opportunity to spend time together. It's the truest argument for being a fan of The Walking Dead -- that it's not merely a show, but a community, a cosseted world so completely devoted to the world and story that when two people figure out how to make it work, well, everything changes. Look closely enough, and there's a whole alternate reality there. Just a little one.

That's his plot, and it's the other way that the key difference between this show and its forebears. Gone is the immense scope. Gone is the sprawling ambition, the long-term plans and complex universe. This is closer to a three-camera sitcom, and the audience knows it, and they don't care because it's the first time The Walking Dead has felt like a show for people who aren't listening to the story, but following the actors. The season started with Morgan surrounded by his enormous clan. It ends with him in the church watching his soul - or what's left of it - be whisked out of here by the wind.


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