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Elsa 3.5 Audi Vw Data Serial Key

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Elsa 3.5 Audi vw Data Serial Key

Installation of a new battery requires the use of the [Long Adaptation-0A ] function under 19-CAN-Gateway control module. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the Part Number, Vendor, and Serial Number all as one long new value. [Select] [19 - CAN-Gateway] [Long Adaptation-0A] Channel 004 [Read] VCDS will populate instructions in the form of a pop-up balloon with the formatting. For example:

This labeling irregularity does not affect the performance of the catalytic converters, nor should it render the catalytic converters non-compliant or illegal during a Smog Check inspection. When verifying such E.O.s on CARBs database, please do not input the extra 0. Instead, type in the regular E.O. number to access a copy of the specific Executive Order in the database.


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