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Now in command of his Grand Mal form, Megatron abducts Optimus and Cheetor, scanning the former to learn more about the Oracle. Meanwhile, Blackarachnia uses a combination spark extractor/DNA scanner with some organic goop and bone fossils to forcibly reformat Jetstorm back into Silverbolt. However, he is less than grateful to her and full of vengeance toward Megatron. The two break into the Grand Mal to rescue Optimus and Cheetor. Silverbolt, however, is wracked with guilt over having secretly enjoyed his time as the villainous Jetstorm. In Darkest Knight Megatron spends his time studying his Oracle download from Optimus. The Search He also unleashes a new hate-inducing virus on the Maximals to try to prove to Optimus how their chaotic existence goes against the Maximal leader's own ideals of harmony, but the Maximals overcome the viral infection. A Wolf in the Fold

Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance download movies



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