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Magic Wand Best Buy

Buying a Harry Potter wand at Universal Studios is one of the most anticipated events for all Harry Potter fans! You will feel just like the characters in the movies and books when you choose your own wand and start casting spells!

magic wand best buy

It can be overwhelming trying to decide where to buy your wand, and what type of wand to choose. You might also be confused about how the wands work in Harry Potter world and what you can do with them.

Our Ultimate Guide to Harry Potter Wands at Universal Studios shows you how easy it can be to get your own magical souvenir and start enjoying every nook and cranny throughout Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

These immersive experiences found beyond the rides and attractions began when Diagon Alley, the second Harry Potter land, opened. Previously, in the first land of Hogsmeade, there were no spell casting experiences, however you could still buy wands.

If you are wanting to cast spells in Harry Potter world, then you must get an interactive wand. These will work in both parts of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

These wands will also come with a double-sided map with spell casting locations. There will be 25 spell locations found on the map, however if you hold the map under a special kind of light you can find even more secret spell locations, too!

Twelve new interactive wands debuted at Universal Parks on December 6, 2022. Each of the new wands pairs a wood type with one of three powerful cores that Garrick Ollivander, the master wandmaker in the Harry Potter films, uses.

However, if you are only visiting Harry Potter lands to ride the attractions then move on to other Universal rides, and you are not a big fan of Harry Potter, then an interactive wand is not worth it for you. If you want a wand to have for pictures, consider buying a very inexpensive wand on Amazon, rather than an official Universal Studios wand at the theme parks.

If you have any problems with your wands casting spells, you can bring it to Ollivanders and they will fix it. This usually means replacing the sensor at the tip of the wand, since there are no batteries to replace or electronics to fix.

There are additional places to buy wands outside of Harry Potter lands, such as the gift shops at the front of each of the theme parks, as well as the large Universal Studios merchandise shop in CityWalk. Some official Universal hotels have gift shops where you can purchases wands.

You may be able to find discounted wands at thrift shops or on Ebay, too. If you are able to find an interactive wand for sale outside of the theme parks, they should still be able to work at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Wands are also available for purchase from places like Amazon, but this is one instance where I would recommend waiting until you arrive. The experience of having the wand choose you is just too magical to pass up!

Here are our 5 picks for the best Harry Potter souvenirs, that you can purchase while visiting the Wizarding World. And since I must not tell lies, I will mention that we have purchased most of these items during one visit or another! We tend to go a little crazy in the gift shops, especially Mr. Bump, who is a gift shop addict!

Our only recommendation is to spend the extra money and go with an interactive wand. These wands come with a map and instructions showing the location of interactive displays, which spells need to be cast, and the wrist motions needed to activate them.

Ollivanders, of course, is where you go to purchase your wand. If you are lucky enough, you may get chosen to take part in an interactive Wand Ceremony. Here, a wand will choose its wizard right before your eyes!

If you are planning to purchase an interactive wand, this should be your first priority when arriving at the Wizarding World. Most Muggles (non-magic folks) will head to the rides first, which means Ollivanders will be less busy first thing in the morning. This also gives you the most time with your wand!

If you are coming from a distance, the best way to get to Universal Studios is by flying into Orlando International Airport. From there, you can take a cab, ride-share, or bus to your hotel.

Finding the best keepsakes is definitely a fun part of the experience when visiting the Wizarding World. Whether you prefer treats or trinkets, the Wizarding shops will provide you with seemingly endless options. Hopefully, our guide has given you some great ideas as to where to find your perfect Harry Potter souvenirs.

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The Doxy is the least expensive toy as it starts at just under $120, $15 less than Hitachi. One benefit of the Doxy, however, is that it's highly customizable from the head to the collar to the buttons to the color of the wand itself. If you'd like to customize any part of your Doxy besides the wand color, they'll charge you $40. This means that the customizable Doxy Original is more costly than the Hitachi, but still $10 cheaper than Le Wand.

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As for the heads, Hitachi's appears smaller and boxier than that on Le Wand or Doxy; the latter two are bigger and rounder up top. When using the toys solo it doesn't matter, but a bigger surface area is desirable if you plan on using the wand with a partner.

In terms of looks, each of these toys has an advantage. The Doxy, for example, can be highly personalized and comes in bright purple or pink. If you want a wand that's a little extra, the Doxy could be for you.

The Hitachi, meanwhile, may not look cute at first glance, but that wand is recognizable anywhere. The classic look has been around for more than 50 years(Opens in a new tab); when a sex aficionado sees a white toy with blue accents, they know right away it's the Hitachi.

The choice comes down to a few questions: how many vibration patterns you want, whether you crave a wired or wireless experience, and if you care about the extras, such as customizing your wand or having a travel pouch.

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Diagon Alley is where Harry Potter himself (and many other famous witches and wizards) received their first wand, so this location is extra special as it feels like a moment straight from the movies and books.

Ollivanders at Hogsmeade Village is our #2 spot to purchase a wand and a great spot to go if you're flexible about where you get your wand from, but still want to experience that Wizarding World magic.

If you're looking to get a wand into your heads as quickly as possible without even stepping foot inside Universal Studios then the Universal Studios Store at CityWalk and CityWalk Hollywood is the place to go!

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