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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman Serial Hanuman Chalisa 128

After bath, daily recite hanuman chalisa loudly with claps and in standing position. You can keep your eyes closed if you want. Remember you have to chant chalisa repeatedly until you become thoughtless while reading chalisa. Once you achieve silence it means he has now arrived near you. You will feel his presence.. You will have goosebumps. Say this daily till you are alive. Then no evil will be near you nor any problem. This is my experience.

Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman Serial Hanuman Chalisa 128

Hi ia m devi a shattered mom i have ocd and negative thoughts forms now my son of 29 since childhood was anxious worried low self esteem and fearful now he has stress anxiety dep fear overthinking had had panic attacks and smoking now with erectile dysfunction he does not want to pray i have done 36 days 11 times hanuman chalisa on his name still no improvement please advise thanks devi.

@Sara! There are no such rules for idol. But still an idol with folded hand would be better. Also at home you can lit a deep with sesame oil and reciting of hanuman name or chalisa twice a day is fine.

I really saw miracle after getting in touch with the divine hanuman chalisa.I had to clear my entrance exam and there were only 15 seats in that course and as usual many candidates appeared for that entrance test.I was so worried about my future,so I started to chant hanuman chalisa 21 times a day and miraculously I got selected and achieved 13th position in that exam and now I am studying there and I feel very blessed to be there.Lord hanuman is immortal he is still there to bless the entire world.

Hello,Could you please suggest me what to do in case of serious health problems. Im doing chalisa everyday one time only. I have noticed that i get some relief when doing so. But i have done another prayer also i found on the net and i found my health worsen. Then i started again my hanuman chalisa and chanting the name of hanuman 108 times a day. I did this for two days i had great relief.But do you think i will get cured or should i do more prayer?Thank you.Preety

If possible visiting temple every tuesday and saturday plus avoiding nonveg and alc ohol and reading hanuman chalisa chanting Jai Shree Ram 21 times before Lord Hanumanji get most pleased i follow same as i have done a lot of research on same . It is more every good work has to be started with lord shree ganesha Even Hanumanjis chanting should be done after Lord Shree Rams Stuti or chanting to be more effective.Lord Hanuman ji stays in Lord Shree Rams Soul to reach there u need to worship Lord Ram and chant lord Hanumans name after.

Whenever I required hanuman ji was and is always there. I felt his blessings on me. Before I was regularly doing the chalisa path and in between I left and now again I started and still continuing and am so peace at mind and no fear of anything.

My name is sivakumar, i want to share these with you. i am working in private industry as HRM and i have to travel every week to court for cases. one day a man sitting closeby in bus start reading hanuman chalisa. once he finished i start asking about hanuman. he told me his experience. i came to know that he start writing JAI SRI RAM every day and even found time. after then i started JAI SRI RAM and put the written jepa mala on Hanuman every day. i do not know how to express that AANANDAM. Lord Hanuman is my Guru. i speak to him about my daily schedule and ups and down of life and .. all matters. he is taking care of me and my family it is evident.

Namaste ji, I want to get married asap but shani in my lagna chart and I m facing lots of obstacles to find my life partner. All astrological remedies have failed to get rid of my problems. Pls suggest me how can I chant hanuman chalisa or any other powerful mantra to get married fast?Thanks.

MunirajI was undergoing lots of mentals pressures and health issues. by chanting hanuman chalisa and visiting hanuman temples on Tuesday and saturday gave me strength and mental peace and helped me to overcome the problems. Jai sriram Jai jai sriram ..Jai Hanuman.

ranga sir pls tell hanuman remedies i stay kasapuram hanuman temple for 41 days then my wish fullfill sir i cannot live with out her pls hanuman ji help mem.subramanian19/05/2016 at 8:31 pmWe have lost money from our house how will we get back the lost money. Chanting hanuman chalisa will do or any other mantra for receiving back d lost money

Jai shree Ram@Ranganr, I have facing problems to getting married with whom I loved. One have pridict that after marriage I will die n my parents will be separated overall all things will be happen wrong but I believe in chanting hanuman chalisa and god will save me from all this things.. So please tell me sir, Should I do anything more?Pawanputra Hanuman ki jai

I am facing problem in getting married.Dnt knw what do do.Please suggest something to remove obstacle in marriage? Please suggest some pooja i read hanuman chalisa daily at night n write ram naam daily.

Yes we have shown my kundali to many astrologers.They all say from past 3 yrs it will happen dnt wry.I have lost faith in astrologers now.Infact one ws saying dere is some nazar n tok affecting ur marriage.He also told us many things n upayes to remove obstacle but all in vain.I am devotee of lord krishna but from past some days gaining interest in lord hanuman pooja n reading hanuman chalisa wid a hope tht he will remove all obstacles in marriage.He will help me but sometimes feel loosing all hopes n vry much tense.I wish hanuman ji salasar balaji will help me soon.

Hello Sir,my husband is working in a software company and he is very experienced, and had a good name in the organization but still the management is playing some politics and not giving any information on the changes that is going in the organization which is impacting his career. Can i chant hanuman chalisa on my husbands behalf to get rid of the mental pressures? Please suggest me.ThanksPriya

Sir,I want to start to recite hanumaan chalisa to overcome the problems I am facing. I am sure hanumanji will help me in overcoming my troubles. But I have a doubt should I practice brahmacharya during the days I am reciting. Sir I am praying to have a baby as we have not been blessed with baby, please lord hanuman bless us with baby.

I m chanting hanuman chalisa and oder books for very long time and long years.. but no positive result. only increase in problems day by day.. i had seen many people who are suffering in life even when they worship god with pure heart and devotion.. only god can answer why he make people suffer like dis even when they worship god with pure heart.

my sister has been passing through a bad phase in life . she has been reciting hanuman chalisa for the last 5-6 months continously, but still that phase is not over . please suggest what should she do to overcome this phase.

i am suffering problems after a marriage my one year has been completed for a marriage i love her so much but my wife stay at her moms place she is not ready to come back and stay with me i am chanting hamuman chalisa from last few day please guide chanting hanuman chalisa will solve the problem aor do i need to chant some other hanuman strotras

@ Dhiraj! Keep chanting hanuman chalisa. And try to know what is she upset with. Do not behave as if you are dying for her. Instead be confident of yourself and have patience too. It will build your value in her and she will start thinking of you.

Hi everyone, I have been chanting Hanuman chalisa with great devotion and trust on hanumanji from last couple of weeks. I am under terrible confusion, tension and worried about my daughters education. I am also doing Hanuman pooja every day. Unfortunately, Hanumanji has not listened to my prayers. I feel let down sometimes. I feel he has not graced me at all. Infact, my daughter even faced failure in her competitive exam. From last few weeks she has been joining me and reciting Hanuman Chalisa. We both feel that Hanuman ji is only testing for patience. He is only watching that if one day we will break down and say we do not trust him anymore. But we will never do that. I trust him and believe in him. Sometimes, both of us feel that my daughter has lost in competitive exam for her favourite and preferred college only to get a better college. Though she started living and studying in that college (dreaming), she accepted the failure with grace and has not broken down. Whereas, I am totally down and not able to come out of the shock. But only thing is that I have not lost trust on Hanuman ji. I am sure one day or the other he will shower us with his grace and that our testing period comes to an end.

hello frndzAs we all knows that hanuman ji has another name sankatmochan means sankat=problem mochan= reducer or finisher. so it is clear that lord hanuman removes the problems of wishers and there is no doubt in the name lord hanuman. only i will say Ek baar bhaj (pukaar) k to dekh dukh na mit jaaye to kehna. JAI HANUMAN

Shivani, once night with fully devotation chant hanuman chalisa. Do as many times as you can do and I believe your all problem shortout soon. after it make it daily routine( once time in the morning and evening prayer)

my name is Naveen i m working in IT, I was really depressed that i was not getting job any where. I was really frustrated with the current job. they were asking me to leave the company. but fortunately my mind listen the hanuman chalisa by downloading the videos and also i wrote down to memorize it. now i got a very good job, which i really cant belive.Thanks to god. I recommend every one to chant this mantra, so that you will also get benefited.

I started praying to hanuman ji when my life was totally upside down. Thanks to him, I got a better job, and I started getting happy. Again something happened and I lost hope and stopped reciting hanuman chalisa everyday and my life became worse. I have realized my mistake. I was angry with Hanumanji because my I was becoming unhappy again, but I have only become worse. i wish he forgives me and works in my life again and make everything beautiful.


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