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Fussie Cat Food Where To Buy

Fussie Cat is produced in an FDA-registered kitchen in Thailand that also produces canned food for human consumption. Therefore, the same measures that are implemented to safeguard food packaged for people are applied to the food we make for your pet. Quality controls meet international standards, to ensure your cat health, and your peace of mind.

fussie cat food where to buy


When it comes to their dry food formulas, Fussie Cat offers the Market Fresh line of kibble featuring premium animal proteins like salmon, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, quail, and duck. These are sold in 2lb, 4lb, and 10lb bags.

Many customers comment that Fussie Cat foods are true to their name in being highly palatable and appealing to even picky eaters. Customers seem to love the quality and there are several comments about the food being good for cats with sensitive stomachs. Many customers also appreciate that Fussie Cat dry foods feature novel proteins and many recipes are chicken-free.

In testing Fussie Cat, I found that all three products were a hit. The dry food came in pieces that seemed slightly smaller than average to me, but the food had an appealing aroma and my cats loved it. They were particularly fond of the Premium Tuna with Prawns canned food formula. Not only did it have plenty of shredded tuna, but each can had at least one full prawn.

One thing to be mindful of with this recipe is the serving size. While this recipe is an excellent source of protein, the fat content is very low which also keeps the calorie content low. Compared to recipes that might require 1 or 2 cans per 10 pounds of bodyweight per day, this Fussie Cat wet food requires you to feed your cat 1 can per 2 to 3 pounds of body weight.

If your cat suffers from food allergies, this quail and duck meal recipe might be a better pick than the salmon formula. Not only is it completely chicken-free, but it is made with two novel protein sources: quail and duck. Both of these appear at the top of the ingredients list.

Fussie Cat is sold by small and independent pet food retailers as well as major online retailers like Amazon and Chewy. You can find Fussie Cat online from other retailers, though you should note that Target, Petco, PetSmart, and are not authorized dealers of Fussie Cat.

Knowing that cats need meat protein to survive, Fussie Cat developed formulas that they call Physiologically Correct. As true carnivores, their bodies are extremely efficient in processing meat, so 20% of their diet should come from animal proteins. Fussie Cats foods start with meat, are low in carbs and include a complete spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals. You can be sure your kittys getting all the necessary amino acids, protein and other nutrients.

Cats are notoriously fussy when it comes to their food. And it isnt just to test your patience. Its biological. Cats are true carnivores. As such, nature demands they eat a diet based on animal proteins to thrive. Thats why our Physiologically Correct recipes always start with meats rich in complete proteins as the main ingredient. But it wouldnt matter how nutritious our food is if your cat wont eat it, so we tailor the taste of our recipes based on actual feline feedback to ensure its equally delicious. When we say our food is Co-Created by Cats, it isnt just a slogan, its the secret to everything we make.?

Fussie Cat Market Fresh Recipes use only the freshest and finest ingredients. We craft our food with a commitment to providing your feline with the protein they need, using high-quality meat or fish as the primary ingredient.

Fussie Cat Market Fresh Recipes use only the freshest and finest ingredients. We craft our food with a commitment to providing your feline the protein they need, using high-quality meat or fish as the main ingredient.This protein-rich kibble is approvingly palatable and fortified with blueberries and cranberries to support optimal digestibility.

We fortified Fussie Cat formulas with a complete spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure your feline friend gets the necessary nutrients. This Premium formula is so tasty, even the fussiest of cats can't resist!

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