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Someday Love Malayalam Full Movie Download Free ((BETTER))

Indian Rupee is a satirical dig on making quick money without sweating it out and youth blindly follows on such examples. Jayaprakash or JP is a small-time real estate dealer based in Calicut, who dreams of making it big someday. JP is a school drop-out and in love with his cousin Beena who is a doctor, which is unknown to her parents. JP along with his partner CH is scouting for land deals. He is working under a senior agent Raayin but wishes to break free as soon as possible. He believes that his fortunes are up for a change, when Achutha Menon, an old widower approaches him to sell off his first son's land assets, the deal never happens. Achutha Menon stays with JP and CH, he became a part of their life. Things start happening in a fantastic way for JP, soon after. JP manages to earn a decent fortune after some smart moves and tricks, but he learns some valuable lessons by the end of the process. The person whom JP tried to cheat, "Golden" Pappan, helps him out in this. Jayaprakash later vows to make money from an honest day's work, instead of through tricky deals.

Someday love malayalam full movie download free


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