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Hi, My husband' office told him he could retire much earlier that we expected , with his pension of course much less than the salary. so we are planning to move from Luxembourg to Spain.Our situation: married with 4 kids ( 10yo, 7yo, 4yo and 2 yo). We think to let rent our house in Lux and to rent a 5 room house in Spain. In order to enter into the smaller budget ) .Our wishes: to find a place with1. Mild climat - no cold or snow in winter ( I dont like to have long cold winters), dry and warm climat (my husband doesnt support wet and warm climat), with many sunny days a year (in Luxembourg it's raining a lot - brrrr...)2. Near the seaside - it was always our dream to live in a reach of the sea and to make it a part of our life. But not too near - i dislike the wind.3. The kids need to go kindergarden, school and college. We agree first to give them to integrate to the local Spanish school, otherwise they also speak English, French, German and Russian and go to an international or private school - but! I have no idea about the fees and for 4 of them it might be quite a lot. 4. The kids do some extrascolar activities as music (play piano, harpe, singing), rhythmic gymnastic, dance, ballet, drawing cours, checks, horseback riding, Russian and English school. And we hope to find a place where they can continue at least a few of above-mentioned.5. We prefer not to live in a highly touristic place with bars, discos, nightlife etc but more in a residential town where the schools, kids activities, shopping, medical care is near.6. We are ready to integrate into the local population and to learn Spanish 7. Still need to find out if it's easier to do all those things with a car or better on foot or public transport ( no idea about the distances there) here in Luxembourg, for example, you just have to have a car.8. Untill now we centered us on 2 regions : Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca 9. First to rent and if we really like there also possible to stay definitivelySo, with so many criteria, can you please advise me a few towns/villages ? We thought to come to visit in February to drive there with a car and to see the possible places Thank you so much in advance! Louis and Tatiana (and Elisabeth, Sophie, Kathie, Maximilian)

maximiliano the argentine boy of 10yo more 14


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