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Mouth Tape Bondage WORK

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mouth tape bondage

Download Zip:

Aside from the fact that your Master will see things clearly with this tape, it is also designed to be easily removed without leaving any adhesive or any sticky residue on your face, so say bye-bye to those nasty little bits of residue you have to scrub and scrape off.

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c) BDSM tape leaves no sticky residue on the skin, has no scent or taste, and is available in a multitude of designs and colors. (To be fair, though, basic black and red tend to be the easiest types to find.)

If a no-marks play is extremely important to you, keep these two things in mind during play with bondage tape: 1) bondage tape wrapped too tightly can pinch skin and definitely leave marks. 2) any play where the restrained person is pulling at the bondage tape at an angle can leave marks on the skin where the edges of your bondage tape cuts into the skin.

(image above) Now that you have the initial wrap of tape in place, begin to wrap your bondage tape over this initial wrap. Directly wrap the bondage tape on top of the first layer of the wrap as best as possible.

If you have a bondage eel (someone who enjoys trying to escape), try to place this piece of bondage tape away from easy access. To start the unwrapping process, someone just needs to unsecure this final piece to easily unwrap all of your hard work.

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Her body tired, stressed and worn out after hours of tight ropes and mouth-filling gags is about to be jolted and tested again. As the powerful tool is pressed up against her sensitive girly parts she lets out a long whiny noise while rolling her head back. His hand rubbing her shiny silk stockings, she squirms and struggles in her chair trying to close her legs that have been tied apart.

Her jaw is amazingly flexible as the huge 3+ inch ballgag is shoved into her wide mouth and strapped as tight as it can which she suffers dearly as time presses on. And after a little manhandling those nice tits just have to come out and of course get tied up.

Thinking that he's kidding, the girls continue their bondage shenanigans then watch as Brandy's boyfriend really leaves and walks out the door. The gag talk between the girls begins along with some good old struggling.

The tape holds them bound together and they find their gags are really tight. Even with all this, the girls still find it amusing giggling and squirming around together. Rachel manages to get her shoes off and shows off her pretty bare feet. Brandy however can't get her heels off as they're strapped on her. Rachel's dress has climbed up to her hips and her panties are in her mouth which somehow seems to be a turn on for her.

Eventually things get serious as the girls want out but can't get out. Their gag talk is not understandable but does sound a bit panicked. Squirm and struggle as the might they're surely in a bondage predicament and aren't getting loose.

The next scene she finds herself sitting on a chair without her dress. Her arms tied in a reverse prayer and her ankles bound. Her mouth is stuffed and cleave-gagged. She struggles for a long time in this position until she works up enough courage to stand up and carefully wander about in heels with her ankles tied.

Waking up still in her sexy lingerie consisting of matching purple bra, panties and garter belts holding up her black stockings, Natallia makes her bed as usual unaware that a hit man has stealthed his way into her home. Unsuspecting, Natallia feels a hand clamped over her mouth and her body being subdued by someone.

Baffled, Natallia eventually finds out he's not a burglar but a "hit man" sent by Senator Wilson himself to "take care of her." She offers to pay him double but he doesn't go for it. Instead he tells her he's got to keep her quiet forever. While still pleading her case she feels a wad of packing being pushed deep into her mouth then a cloth being tied behind her head cleave-gagging her.

Arriving, he finds her waiting in the kitchen sitting on a chair ready and anticipating for some kinky bondage play. Enthusiastically she asks him to tie her up tight as she's been wanting to do this for some time now. Bass is happy to oblige and immediately secures her elbows together working his way down to her wrists. As he cinches them up you can see her look starting to go from playful to serious as the tight ropes get her attention.

He asks if she wants more rope and she doesn't hesitate saying no but agrees to being gagged. She tells him she has some panties he can use. He tells her to open up, stuffs them in her mouth and wrap-gags them in tightly with tape. Her look changes from serious to worried.

Telling her how tight her gag looks he asks her if she's going to be able to deal with it. Shaking her head no it's a little too late for her to turn back now as he's just beginning to have fun with her. She can tell she's in for it and continues shaking her head no mewing and mumphing through her tightly taped up mouth.

In a desperate situation she wonders how she'll warn her roommate of the danger she'll soon be facing. Anna, her roommate, gets home and finds Sarah pretty tied up and gagged. She has no idea and actually thinks Sarah's just having fun playing bondage games.

Not wanting to interrupt Sarah's "playtime" Anna tells her maybe she should leave so she can have more fun being all tied up. Anna decides to leave Sarah tied up and gagged, not wanting to "interfere" with Sarah and whoever she's "playing" with. Sarah desperately tries to stop her from leaving, squirming about in her chair. MMMMuumphhh is all that Anna can decipher from Sarah's gag-talk with her mouth so well packed and taped shut.

To keep her mouth shut and unable to blurt out smart assed comments we need to find something to gag her with. She has an answer for that and suggests using her panties. We agree and so it's up her skirt we go, pulling off those panties of hers down her legs. Since we're in the leg vicinity it's only right to bind her legs and ankles up, she agrees.

Happily, Jasmine is eager to open wide and accept her worn panties stuffed fully into her mouth. We cleave her panties in with a tight wrapping of microfoam tape to ensure a good seal. After she passes "the gag test" we turn her to her mirror and let her punishment begin.

At this point Trixie has no option but to submit totally to Bass and the Hitachi. She's already had several orgasms and is tired and worn...not to mention bound up with her mouth securely gagged with packing, tape and an ace bandage.

Struggling on the couch in her satin blouse, short plaid skirt with stockings and super high-heeled shoes, Darcy begs to be let loose just before a pink ball gag gets stuffed in her desperate mouth. It's strapped tightly while her hands twist and pull at the ropes that secure them behind her back.

When Selena's Uncle returns she's almost happy to see him thinking maybe he'll untie her from being hogtied, unwrap the bandage-wrap, the strips of microfoam tape and the panties stuffed in her mouth. He has no such intentions as he takes full advantage of her, worn out from struggling.

The camera glides over her showing how helpless she is as she squirms and writhes, arching and wrinkling her feet, pointing those sexy toes and rubbing her shapely legs together. You can tell by her gagged mumphs how dire her situation is as she's left all alone on the bed in tight inescapable bondage.

Tabi is VERY flexible at her waist as she tries rubbing her gagged mouth against her knees which gives Bass a good idea. As she's folded in half he comes in to wrap her up around her neck and just under her calves holding her in this position. After a bit like this she starts to panic and tries like hell to get loose.

Real screams of distress are heard from her muffled mouth as she tries tapping out smacking her hand on the floor. Truly she's in a very vulnerable position with her ass in the air and her pussy uncovered.

Her big red shiny ballgag is pried back in her mouth and strapped extra tight (on screen) while several strips of microfoam tape are adhered over top conforming to the shape of her lovely gagged face then he leaves her.

Trying to escape while the burglar is searching the house she's managed to slip her cleave gag down while a knock at the door has alerted the burglar. Quickly clamping her mouth with his large hand she's silenced and held still with his arm.

Stuffing her mouth with a large wad of packing and then using some very stretchy, sticky white tape to wrap and hold that packing in her pretty mouth, she's been very much gagged and her damsel eyes show it!

Wearing a cute white top, a short black skirt that's been hiked up revealing her "No Peeking" panties and a pair of strappy high heels, Jessica is chairtied with a vibrating wand taped between her legs. 041b061a72


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